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The Rocklyn Agricultural Society

A Message from Our President

Dianne Booker

As we approach the much-anticipated date of our upcoming 156th Rocklyn Fair, I find myself filled with excitement and anticipation for what promises to be an extraordinary celebration of our community's talents and achievements.

On behalf of the Rocklyn Agricultural Society, I extend a warm invitation to everyone to come and take a delightful walk around the exhibits to see the incredible talents and achievements showcased by our community. The fair is a celebration of our collective spirit, and your presence will add to the joy and camaraderie that defines this event.

Step into the exhibit hall, and you'll be greeted by the irresistible aromas of fresh baking. Our bakers have been hard at work perfecting their recipes. Exhibitors cultivate gardens of vibrant vegetables and blossoming flowers that will undoubtedly add a burst of colour and beauty to our fair. Reminisce as you explore the various antiques on display, each with its own unique story to tell.

Photography and crafts are showcasing the artistic talent that thrives within our community. Prepare to be amazed by the creativity and ingenuity expressed through these visually stunning exhibits.

Throughout the day the 4-H Livestock Clubs show their dedication and expertise of our agricultural community, and we invite you to witness their beauty and grace.

A big THANK YOU to our amazing volunteers, community partners, sponsors, exhibitors, and fair goers, without all of you we would not be able to keep this great tradition going.

Find us at www. and on Facebook.
See you at the Fair.

2024 Executive

President – Dianne Booker 
Past President – Shannon Martin
1st Vice-President – Denise McKay 
Secretary – Christine Wyville 
Treasurer - Sharon Playter

2024 Associate Directors

Val Breadner
Betty Boyd
Gloria Boyd
Anne Burnside
Grant Ca
Lisa Gott

Bob & Alva
William Fitzsimmons

Evelyn Fulford
Shayla Harvey
Alysha Marsh

Kristina Playter
Brenda Rogers
Connie & Ron Shaw
Joan Smith
Shelley Wyville
Angi Wyssen

2024 Junior Directors

Mikaela Adams
Bailey Campbell
Miranda Campbell
Renayla Campbell
Lillian Campbell
Travis Fulford

Paige Grant
Caden Martin

Sydney Martin
Spencer McKay
Summer McKay
Aleah McKay

Madison Saunders
Abby Woodhouse
Bethany Woodhouse
Hannah Woodhouse

2024 Honourary Directors

Austin Ramage, Brian Wiley, Elwood Falls,

Bob & June Jackson

2024 Directors

Lori Adams
Gay Blacha
Anne Bowes
Kathy Bowes
Jackie & Jason Boyd
Hiliary Breadner
Ryan Breadner
Alexa Campbell
Karen Campbell
Stacey Campbell
Taylor Campbell
Tyler & Catharine
Carter Cann
Cheryl Cann
Elicia Cann
Murray & Mary Lou Caswell
Tracey Caswell
Claire Clarke

Scott & Steacy Den Haan
Laura Elford
Bryan Elford
Fran Falls
Hannah Fulford
Shirley Ann Fulford
Jackie Grant
Jaclyn Glover

Jeff and Amy Hanna

Lorraine Irwin
Herb Lemon
Sam & Marilyn Lemon
Kimberley & Jamie Lewis
Shannon Martin
Jessica Mcallister
Karen McKague
Jeff & Denise McKay
Rosalie Murray

Stephen & Patty Naylor
Marian Noble
Sharon Playter
Gillian Rice
Darrell & Billie Jo Saunders
Teryl Sewell
Jaci Smith
Lisa & James Squire
Helen Thompson
Brian & Angela Tulloch
Doreen Whyte
Dave & Jessica Wiley
Rose Wiley
Jennifer & Randy Woodhouse
Stephanie Woodhouse
Christine Wyville

In Memory of Past Directors

June E. Falls & Elwood Falls

Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 11.55.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 11.49.03 PM.png

Rules and Regulations Governing
the Rocklyn Agricultural Society

The Directors shall have the right to interpret each rule. These internal rules and regulations shall be posted in the publication of the annual Fair Book.

1. The annual membership fee will be determined at the Annual Meeting and a membership number may be procured from the Secretary. Each Exhibitor must purchase a membership ticket before making entries with the exception of those entering Tots to Teens Prize List, Class 14, for which there will be no fee charged or retained.

2. An admission charge will be determined at the Annual Meeting to be paid by all persons not being members. It was determined to be $5.00. Public school children are free. This Society will not be responsible for any injury to person, livestock, or vehicles while on the grounds on either day of the fair.

3. Exhibitors of all livestock must bring the animal forward when called for by the Judges or Directors from the ring, otherwise they will not be considered, and no animal will be allowed to exhibit in more than one class, except when ordered by Judges to change to another class and specials. Entry tickets to be attached or presented to the Director in charge.

4. Every animal, fowl, product or chattel exhibited must be the Bonafede property of the Exhibitor for at least 30 days prior to the Fair. Persons found guilty of fraud shall forfeit all prizes awarded to him/her and be liable to conviction and may be prohibited from exhibiting for one year.

5. All articles intended for competition must be entered in strict accordance with the Prize List.

6. In all kinds of grain, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, manufactured articles, ladies work and fine arts, any person shall not be allowed to enter more than one specimen.

7. All kinds of grain and seed must positively be the growth of the current year.

8. No person or persons shall be allowed to interfere with the Judges while engaged in making their awards, either by conversation or any pre-tense, under penalty of forfeiting all prizes to which they may be otherwise entitled and will be promptly excluded from the competition. Judges or officers are requested to report any breach of this rule to the Executive Committee of the Exhibition.

9. Any Exhibitor lodging protest must, make it in writing, and deliver it to the Secretary within a week of the cause of protest, and it must be accompanied by a deposit or $10.00 which sum shall be forfeited to the said Society if the said protest is not sustained.

10. No person or persons shall be allowed to display any badges or prize tickets secured at any Fair until such time as the awards have been made.

11. No person shall be allowed to ride horses or ponies on the show grounds faster than a walk, except in the Exhibition ring, under penalty of removal from the exhibition grounds.

12. Diligence will be used by the officers of the Society to ensure the safety of articles sent to the Exhibition and to prevent loss or injury to these exhibits, but the owners themselves must assume responsibility, and should any animal or articles be injured, lost or stolen, the Directors will render all possible assistance to recover the same, but will not make good value, or be otherwise liable.

13. All members winning prizes to the amount of $10.00 or over, an amount to be determined at the annual meeting will be retained as membership for the following year with the exception of all Class 14 entrants.

14. The Treasurer will be prepared to issue cheques (1 per family) for prize money on or before September 30th. All cheques must be presented for payment before “October 31st”. Errors, if any, must be corrected before October 31st.

15. Members presenting their Membership Tickets or Passes will be allowed to take in stock entered for competition.

16. All 4-H projects must be presented by an Ontario 4-H Registered member to show at the fair.

17. No dealer in candies and fruits, hucksters, or petty traders, shall be allowed to traffic except on previous approval and agreed payment by the Board of Directors.

18. All kinds of gambling devices, throwing balls, and gambling of every description within the meaning of the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act, and amendments thereof, will be strictly prohibited; and exhibitors are requested to read the Rules and Regulations and comply there within when making entries.

19. All entries and exhibits for the Hall must be in and placed before 12:00 noon on the Friday preceding the fair. Judging immediately after.

20. The Society reserves the right to pay the prize money in full or a percentage of the prize money. The latter course would only be resorted to in case of inclement weather or other severe setbacks. 21. Entries in the hall MUST NOT be removed any earlier than 9:00 pm on the day of the fair, or risk prize money being forfeited.

22. All classes 4-14 reserve the right to substitute 1st place cash prize with a donated gift or voucher. In classes 4-14, the Committee has the right to split the class into groups with entries exceeding 10 per class.

23. Receipts will be issued upon request to our contributors and sponsors.

24. The Society executive reserve the right to ask directors, exhibitors, and members of the public to leave the fair events when there has been a disturbance and/or altercation.

Rocklyn Fall Fair

Saturday September 28, 2024 • Rocklyn Arena

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